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Our individual kits are the most affordable way for you to get started repairing targets. Each individual kit includes all the material you will need to repair your first target. If this is your first repair, an instruction video is available here: VIDEO. A list of tools that you will need is also included. Just the right amount of resin and hardener to complete one repair. We’ve done the measuring for you. Just follow the enclosed instructions and you are off and running.Individual kits are available through a number of retailers. If you would like to purchase an individual kit online, please visit our store to do so.
Do you have more than one target in need of repair? How about 8-10 of them? Our is just what you need to get the job done. Our club kits contain just the right amount of hardener and resin to complete 8-10 targets. The only items you’ll need that we don’t include is empty milk jugs. If this is your first time using a club kit we can also include an instructional DVD at your request. Feel free to send us a note here: contact page, if you would like a DVD.
When you purchase a Club kit nothing will help you get started like one of our tool kits. Our tool kit provides all the tools necessary to perform professional target repairs.The kit includes our:
High Quality Grain Scale
Grinding Wheel
Compass Tool
50 pairs of latex gloves
Sharpie Marker
Stapler, and Staples
Sawzall Blade
Instructional DVD
Scoring Ring Chart
5 Sheets of plastic for use as stencils or holding material inside the target
6 qts of paint in all colors
Paint Brush
Draw scoring rings on your repaired targets in minutes. We’ve customized Weller soldering irons to make it extremely easy for you to burn the best scoring rings on any 3D Target. These scoring ring machines are available HERE. This tool is one of many included in the starter kit.
18 years of experience has taught me that this grinding wheel is exactly the tool for putting the finishing touches on your repaired target. This long lasting grinding wheel comes complete with a solid arbor 3M quick change disk pad. This item is also available individually HERE. Or, as part of the starter kit