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Product Description

**Buy 10 sets and the price drops to $60 per set**

All new Target Master Molds for your average tournament targets (31 different targets), and these are target specific. 2 molds per set and these can be bought in the store here at 3-D Country Inc. These molds make repairing your targets a breeze and takes out the grinding and burning out of your repair. Target Master molds will keep consistent lines and will put hair and muscle detail back into your “better than new” target!

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 4 x 13 in

LA- Large Alert Deer, GD- Grazing Deer, BD- Bedded Deer, MD- Medium Deer/HD10, LD- Large Deer/HD30, FD- Fallow Deer, M- Mule Deer, WB- Wild Boar, SB- Standing Bear, BB- Black Bear, CB- Climbing Bear, LB- Large Bear, MB- Medium Bear, RB- Russian Boar, L- Lion, AI- African Impala, AB- African Blesbok, AH- African Hyena, AW- African Warthog, AL- African Leopard, BK- Black Buck, AG- Alligator, CH- Chamois, J- Javelina, C- Coyote, W- Wolf, CS- Corsican Sheep, MG- Mountain Goat, PA- Pronghorn Antelope, BS- Bighorn Sheep, ML- Mountain Lion, CA- Caribou, E- Elk, OE- Old Elk


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